What will KIDS do without FREE and REDUCED Meals



Our families are faced with a daunting reality. How will their kids eat, now that schools are closed till April 17.

As it stands, over 300,000 kids who depend upon free and reduced breakfasts/lunches face the reality of not knowing where their next meals are coming from because of our countries current medical crisis.

On top of this many parents are going to have to take off from work to care for kids meaning a double jeopardy even for those who in the past have had a certain level of stability financially.


With Your

 Under this current shutdown we are planning on feeding as many kids as possible until schools reopen.

Each week we reach out to different communities across Central Arkansas. With that relationship already being built, we know exactly where the need is! 

We have reached out to our food partner, Pepsico and they are prepared to step up and provide as deep of a discount as possible for the product.

By repositioning our staff we can operate (6) mobile feeding routes which can provide 2,000-2,500 meals per day, with your support. 

We would like to be able to drop each child two meals per day at a cost of $7.50.

Of course this is just a drop in the bucket of the real need, and we would love to do more.  If funding becomes available we can scale up the number of meals accordingly.

We are reaching out to all our partners today in hopes to be able to continue feeding until April 17th.