With your help we can reach the state of Arkansas, serving each person and family!
Most people have a desire to help, a desire to leave a legacy but most just don’t know where to start. Let us help you! With a few small steps we believe, you can be fully chasing after your God-given dream.
There’s nothing more powerful than investing in someone else’s life, seeing where they are and helping break down the barrier to their next steps.

We Need You

It has never been easier for you to have an influence in your community and help change lives forever. The Dream Center would not exist without the incredible people that give freely of their time and energy. Volunteering for even 1 day can give you that same opportunity!

Child Sponsorship

Being a child sponsor you’ll get the honor to serve the DC families, by coming alongside them to bring support, encouragement and hope.

Discover your God given Dream

Let us show you what it could look like!

Birthday Cake

When you think of Birthday’s, you think of Cake! A lot of our kiddos don’t get that chance. With your help, let’s ensure each child gets a personalized cake!


Ever thought of serving in local missions. Well, join our team today!

Local Missions

Right here in the State of Arkansas, we have kids that go home to be hungry, gang violence, drug addictions, and poverty. We need your help in making an impact in this city!

With Your Help

We can’t reach everyone, but with your help we get that much closer!